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  • Patch1 for Mamboboard 1.5 Stable Released
    Changelog: Patch1 # Debug moderator messages filter.

  • Mamboboard 1.5 Stable Released
    Mamboboard team release mamboboard component version 1.5 stable for mambo CMS. Mirror Download Now and translations at http://sourceforge.net/projects/mamboboard/

  • Mambo | Joomla SSO V 1.1 Released!
    A stable release of SSO component version 1.1 has been released. It enables users to use only one account across several affiliated Joomla | Mambo sites supporting the formation of digital ecosystems. If you are an administrator and would like to enable users to use only one account across several Mambo | Joomla sites you administer, or you would like to "exchange" users with some third party Mambo | Joomla this is the component you need. The component works on both Mambo and Jomla 1.0 CMS. A complete tutorial is available at project site.

  • how to add auto ads
    We are recieving questions about how to add auto adsense ads with this adsense mambot. we have created a small article with a screenshot on http://www.englishinformation.net/articles/article-2.html . Pls read it to find the answer of that question. Thanks

  • SSO Component & Module V1.0 RC 1.0 Available!
    Ljubljana, 1st of June 2007. A new component and module for Single-Sign-On - Mambo SSO has been released. Admin interface allows Administrator to negotiate with other mambo portal Administrator whether they allow each other to exchange users through SSO. Users will be able to use only one account across several Mambo sites, if the negotation between two nodes are successful. Acknowledgement: The SSO component is a simplified version of the solution developed in the frames of EU eContent CONNIE project.