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Updated 7/8/03

I'm Jeannine, and this is a site devoted to rubber stamping and other paper arts. It's primarily a gallery of books I've made and cards I've sent or received, although eventually I'd like to add links to templates, techniques and new products.

I've been meeting monthly with 3 friends who also like to make books. It's so much fun! I just added a trifold book and art card to the books page. Take a look!

In order to free up some of my time, I'm no longer a member of Midwest Stampers or Louella's, so hopefully I'll have more time to make this site more helpful (and navigatable) for you!

Thanks to my friend
France who has renewed my interest in stamping and inspired me over the last year. Check out her web site! It's amazing!!

Book Arts Resources (an ongoing links compilation)

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